Wednesday, July 28, 2010

M.K.O.R. Recommends: Badass Movie Sunglasses

Fantastic work by, whose 25 Most Badass Movie Sunglasses list is a labor of love of which we approve heartily. In particular, they get props for identifying a suitable look-alike for Cary Grant's famous North by Northwest sunglasses, a task that has eluded some of mankind's greatest minds to date.

"Don't worry, baby. With this sweet disguise, nobody will ever guess that I'm Cary Grant."

A couple of things that I'd point out - unsurprisingly, a number of the "Most Badass Sunglasses" are actually the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but the bloggers have done a fantastic job of tracking down awesome Wayfarer variations.

George approves.

While the Ray-Ban aviators are certainly a worthy option, technically I believe that Tom Cruise's Top Gun aviators are from the Randolph Engineering Concorde series

Remember when you wished you were him? No longer okay to do so.

Meanwhile, the actual sunglasses worn by military pilots are the Randolph Engineering Aviators, which are official issue and even have a MIL-SPEC number (MIL-S-29548). Coincidentally, these are also the favorite pair worn by Don Draper on Mad Men. In fact, if I had a gun to my head and had to buy a pair of sunglasses right now, it'd be these.

Still okay to wish you were him.


  1. Not surprisingly, I prefer Cary Grant's. Also, I hope you never post a picture of George Bush in this blog again. Nice sunglasses though.

  2. Now no one can ever say that George didn't do at least ONE thing right.

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